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If you have a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card please call
1-866-985-2273 or 1-800-535-8440 after hours to report.


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We Support Our Troops !

Let us please remember our troops so far away from home and the ones they love.


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Tis’ the season for debit/credit card fraud. Customers have had their cards compromised and used elsewhere and are receiving phone calls claiming that they need to press one and reveal their information to an automated source. Legitimate banks and credit card companies do not call you and ask for your personal information they may call and inform you of fraud seen on your card. Other scams will be on the rise this time of year as well. Be alert for check scams (work from home, lottery, and craig’s list purchases). These scammers send you a check for work or winnings or purchases from you for more than is owed you and ask you to send the extra (fees, shipping, taxes) back to them by wire, money gram or other instant credit methods. When the check comes back you are out the money.

How can you protect yourself?
  1. Monitor your account activity closely.
  2. Use online bill pay for paying your bills.
  3. Only use known secure websites to make online purchases.
  4. Never give out card, account or other personal information over the phone or internet to anyone unless you initiated the contact and they are a trusted merchant/business partner.
  5. Contact your Financial Institution for questions, suspicious account activity or to alert them if you receive a scam inquiry.
  6. Never send money to anyone based on a check they sent you through the mail.
  7. When in doubt ask your community banker.

For your protection and to prevent debit card fraud, you may need to notify us when traveling out-of-state and using your debit card. Most out-of-state transactions should run fine using your pin number. If you notify us in advance, we can clear the card for all out-of-state transactions for the duration of your travels. Thank you for your cooperation.
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We live here, we work here, we pride ourselves on the communities we serve. Wherever you are, you are in Valley Bank Country!  



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Internet security

Phishing attempts on rise

Please remember we will NEVER ask for your personal information past your login screen. More Information



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Call our 24-hour Telephone Banking local number at
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