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Accounts at Valley Banks

Check out our new Completely Free Advantage Checking Account!


FREE Advantage Checking

This account has no minimum balance to maintain and there is no service charge.  Your images will not be returned in your statement, so duplicate checks should be used.

Regular Checking

This checking account has a minimum balance of $200.00 to avoid a service charge. The following fees will be charged if the account falls below $200.00 at any time in the statement cycle. $3 per month plus $0.20 per each debit transaction
(withdrawal, check paid, automatic transfer or payment out of this account). This fee will not apply to Senior Citizens over the age of 55.

Diamond Jubilee Checking

This account is for the person who writes a lot of checks and keeps good books. For an $8.00 a month service fee, you get no minimum balance, free duplicate checks, money orders, cashier checks, and traveler's checks.

Business Checking

$3.00 monthly fee, $0.15 per check, and $0.05 per not on-us deposit item. To offset charges, a credit of $0.30 per $100 on your average balance during a statement cycle is credited to your account.

NOW Checking Account

$500.00 minimum balance on this account. This account pays interest at Valley Bank’s stated rate.  If the balance falls below $500.00, a $10.00 fee is imposed in addition to a $0.25 fee per debit item during the statement cycle.


Savings Accounts

This account has a minimum balance of $5.00 to earn interest, $100.00 to avoid a service fee.  If the balance drops below $100.00 at any time during the statement cycle, a $1.00 fee is imposed.  Six withdrawals per month are allowed with no fee (three by check and three electronic), $0.50 fee per withdrawal is imposed after three (either electronic or by check) per statement cycle.  Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly.

IRA Account

No administrative fee, interest compounded daily added to account monthly (See interest sheet for current rates).

Health Savings Account

If you have a High Deductible Health Plan you are eligible to open a Health Savings Account.  This account is like our regular savings however, contributions and earnings are TAX FREE!!

Yearly Contributions to the Health Savings Account as well as IRA’s are limited so ask your tax advisor before opening any account with tax consequences.  



ATM cards are available on most checking and savings accounts.  There is a $1 fee for withdrawal at an ATM that is not a Valley Bank ATM. There is no fee on Valley Bank ATM’s or on-site Wells Fargo ATM’s

Debit Cards

On any of our checking accounts, you can be approved for a VISA Debit Card, which you can use at the point of sale or at the ATM for a $1.25 fee per month.

For your convenience, please use our 24-hour telephone hotline to your personal account. Check your balances, transfer funds between your accounts, even request a fax of your statement. Try our Online Banking!

24-hour Telephone Banking Local Number call:
676-2055 or Toll Free: 1-866-676-2055


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It's FREE!

Advantage Checking is free! There is no minimum balance to maintain and no service fee.


Call our 24-hour Telephone Banking local number at
676-2055 or Toll Free at




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