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services overview

  • ATM & Debit Cards

    ATM ATM cards are available on most checking and savings accounts.  There is a $1 fee for withdrawal at an ATM that is not a Valley Bank ATM. There is…

  • Checking Accounts

    FREE Advantage Checking Account This account has no minimum balance to maintain and there is no service charge.  Your images will not be returned in your statement, so duplicate checks should be…

  • Savings Accounts

    Savings Account This account has a minimum balance of $5.00 to earn interest, $100.00 to avoid a service fee.  If the balance drops below $100.00 at any time during the…

  • Loans

    Consumer Loans Cars Boats ATV Personal Loans Commercial Loans   Short Term Long Term Business Loans SBA Loans Real Estate Loans HUD VA Guaranteed RECD Conventional Home Equity/Lines of credit Construction…

  • Other

    Additional Products & Services Safe Deposit Boxes Money Orders Cashiers Checks Certificates of Deposit (CD) Individual Retirement Accounts Roth Individual Retirement Accounts For Rates Please Contact Us At:

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